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No matter if stocks, ETFs, crypto investments or precious metals - Wavealert always shows you the overall balance with current prices. You can see at a glance what is plus or minus.

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  • 5000+ stocks
  • 15,000 ETFs, ETCs & funds
  • 2,500+ crypto currencies
  • precious metals (gold & silver)
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Shares, ETFs, precious metals

Set smart alarms

Secure your values

Strong rises or massive falls. Decide for yourself with the help of our clever alarm features, to which development you want to be notified. Choose whether you are interested in an absolute value or a specific change over a defined period of time.

The usual alarms that detect percentage movements per day are of little help and a stop-loss order can not evaluate the market movement because it is automatically sold.

The best: For only 15 cents a month you can define as many alarms per asset as you want!

The right timing

Recognize opportunities

Even successful assets experience a bear market with significant drops at regular intervals. This is the time to accumulate values cheaply, because the next rise follows according to statistics determined.

With our latest news you get the opportunity just in time for the market event to consider what is the cause of the turbulence and how you want to act. Recognize your opportunities!

Chart analysis

Smart Money in strong Hands

Track daily profit and loss calculations and identify your best performing assets.

Wavealert helps you to look for rebound effects and striking price developments. With it you monitor the development of your portfolio in the long term with the help of the 200-day line and control it intelligently.

Premium course data

  • Buy price line
  • 50 / 200 day line
  • Price dip marking
  • Price rebound marking
  • Macro trend over 5 years

Alerts + News + Notes

Your most important functions


Be the first to know when the market moves.

  • Drop / rise by x% in any period
  • Price value higher / lower than (stop loss early warning system)


Benefit from expert assessments & analysis.

  • News
  • Block posts


Take notes on your own strategy.

  • Individual notes per asset
  • Documentation of the strategy

Become a smart investor

In a few minutes you have created your account and added your stocks, ETFs, precious metals or cryptocurrencies. Set your first alerts and watch your performance in the portfolio overview.

Simple portfolio transfer

  • Search by ISIN, WKN or name
  • Transfer number and Ø individual value at purchase
  • CSV Importer - in preparation

Transparent cost model

Manage up to 9 assets free of charge. Additional assets will be charged via prepaid. The number of your assets counts.

  • Prepaid model (0.15 cents per alarm / per month)

Community Votes

Profit from the WA community's swarm intelligence

  • Investment Inspiration
  • Popular alerts from the Wavealert community

*Free for up to 9 assets with no time limit!

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